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Discover our fleet of speedboats, designed for exhilarating performance and agility on the water. Ideal for thrill-seekers and quick island hops, they provide an efficient and exciting way to explore, catering to both small groups and adventurous individuals.


boats available for booking in Phuket

Speed Boat
with 2 engines

Price: from 16,900฿ (500$)
Capacity: 30 Pax
Length: 37 ft (11 m)

Premium Speed Boat

Price: from 22,900฿ (680$)
Capacity: 12 Pax
Length: 37 ft (11 m)

Speed Boat
with 3 engines

Price: from 25,900฿ (770$)
Capacity: 47 Pax
Length: 49 ft (15 m)

Premium Speed Boat

Price: from 27,900฿ (830$)
Capacity: 20 Pax
Length: 39 ft (11 m)

Sport Cruiser

Price: from 27,900฿ (830$)
Capacity: 8 Pax
Length: 38 ft (12 m)

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